We love Science at Stobhillgate! We have a strong focus on practical investigation; embracing it as an opportunity to engage pupils in practical, experiential learning. Our Science curriculum aims to inspire children’s curiosity in the world around them from Early Years to Year 4, providing the foundations for Middle School. We see Science as a way of making sense of the world; it helps us to understand the reasons for everything that occurs in the world around us. Children recognise the importance of scientific discoveries to their lives; in the past and in the future.

Science is used to enhance creativity in our pupils and to help develop team and leadership skills. Science is used to contribute to our UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award, by highlighting to our pupils their ‘global citizen’ rights and responsibilities as good stewards of our planet Earth. 

Science at Stobhillgate is meaningful and purposeful, our curriculum aims to relate to and extend children’s everyday experiences through exciting experiential and investigative work. We promote science fully within other subjects, notably within our termly DT blocks.  Developing working scientific skills, alongside knowledge is the core of our lesson design. We follow the National Curriculum programme of study, each unit and lesson framed around an enquiry question which the children use their knowledge and learning experiences to answer. Children are given opportunities to question and discuss their scientific experiences and thinking.


Our Science curriculum coverage can be viewed here:

Curriculum Overview for Science

Our Science intent, implementation and impact statement can be found here

Morpeth Partnership Curriculum Progression Document

We have been working closely with the Morpeth Partnership to produce documentation for each subject area.  These documents ensure clear progression and map out the teaching and learning journey your child will take in relation to each specific subject through each phase of their education.

Morpeth Partnership Science Progression Document