At Stobhillgate First School we believe that Religious Education provides opportunities for children and young people to reflect and analyse, to discuss and debate, to explore and discover, and to learn more about the world in which they live.

Delivering our high quality RE curriculum develops cultural awareness and helps the children to empathise with and understand people from different traditions. At a time when communities are becoming more diverse there is an even greater need for a more religiously literate and tolerant society.

Religious Education plays a key role in creating social cohesion and generating genuine understanding between communities reducing friction, intolerance and social unrest.

Our RE curriculum coverage can be viewed here

Our RE intent, implementation and impact statement can be found here

Morpeth Partnership Curriculum Progression Document

We have been working closely with the Morpeth Partnership to produce documentation for each subject area.  These documents ensure clear progression and map out the teaching and learning journey your child will take in relation to each specific subject through each phase of their education.

RE Visits

Year Group Religion  Place of Worship  Term 
EYFS Christianity  Church Autumn 2
Year 1 Judaism  Synagogue  Summer 1 or Summer 2
Year 2  Islam Mosque  Summer 1
Year 3 Hinduism  Mandir  Autumn 1 or Summer 2
Year 4 Buddhism  Temple  Autumn 1 or Summer 2

At Stobhillgate, children will visit a variety of religious places of worship.

We feel that visiting different places of worship is a valuable educational experience and will build on the children’s understanding of different faiths and cultures.

By giving our children these rich experiences, we can inspire and develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural world. 

There are many benefits in taking our children to a place of worship, including: 

  • Making the religion and religious building come alive
  • Having a hands on experience
  • Observing artefacts in their rightful place
  • Meeting members of their chosen faith and watching a religious ceremony 
  • Creating a memorable experience

Morpeth Partnership RE Progression Document