Looking into the past is exciting, draws questions, enables curiosity, develops empathy.  We travel back through time at Stobhillgate, making links to our lives today and noticing how the decisions of those who were here before us have influenced the world as we know it.   Our curriculum has been carefully designed to take the pupils on a historical journey, which builds on the children’s prior knowledge and understanding. This allows the contexts explored to be age appropriate and relevant to where we live and always carefully placed as part of a jigsaw timeline of the past.  Our budding historians will explore these exciting times through practical and written tasks in every lesson, every week.

Whole School Yearly Overview

Living Long Ago
Iinventions and Impacts
Leaders of Change
1The Great Fire of LondonThe First FlightBritish Monarchs
2How buildings have changed over the last 500 yearsThe First Moon LandingFreedom and Equality
3Ancient Civilisations: The Ancient EgyptiansRoman BritainAnglo Saxons
4The Ancient GreeksFamous Names of the North EastStone Age to Iron Age

Our History intent, implementation and impact statement can be found here

Morpeth Partnership Curriculum Progression Document

We have been working closely with the Morpeth Partnership to produce documentation for each subject area.  These documents ensure clear progression and map out the teaching and learning journey your child will take in relation to each specific subject through each phase of their education.

Morpeth Partnership History Progression Document